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Water Leda

Life is the greatest gift that we can get. Without the precious gift of pure spring water from the spring Borak, life on the hot Herzegovinian karst wouldn’t be possible.

Through Lištica River, water of exceptional quality provided for centuries an opportunity for (healthy) life to the population of Široki Brijeg and surrounding region.

Water Leda offers direct contact with nature and the gifts that Mother Nature intended for us. Expert research and analysis only confirm what kind of jewel Leda really is.


If you want to be healthy and slim, drink about 2 liters of pure natural spring water Leda daily. Meet your needs for healthy and pure water.

Leda kapljica

The gift from nature

A fraction of what the Earth has kept to herself in the clearest depths, is delivered to us in a form of a jewel of Herzegovina’s stone!

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Exceptional quality

Leda water is of exceptional quality, as evidenced by the numerous analyzes of relevant institutes, the water which ranks among the top-quality spring waters around by it’s characteristics, packed with minerals and biological properties which are great for health and improved vitality.

Leda srce

The solution against stress

Leda water is suitable for unlimited consumption for people of all ages, who want to get in touch with nature for a moment during their stressful everyday lifes and thereby restore the natural balance and maintain their health.

Leda notes

Analysis of safety

Calcium-hydrogencarbonate karst water, moderately hard, without aggressive ingredients, no radioactivity, no calories. Natural Spring Water Leda doesn’t contain any preservatives and we don’t take away or add anything while bottling. The level of sodium in it is very low, and it is good for consumption of all ages, even infants.
Contains 1L / contains [mg]: Calcium Ca2 + 68.94, 7.36 Magnesium Mg 2+, Na + 1.93 Sodium, Potassium K + 0.20 Bicarbonate HCO 3 – 196.42, Sulphate SO4 2- 34.43, Chloride Cl 8.00. Mineralization / Mineralisation 328.50 mg / l

Leda vozilo

Leda, Široki Brijeg is a joint stock company established in 2007 and it’s privately owned. The main activity is production of natural spring water and non-alcoholic beverages based on natural spring water. Leda Company is equipped with a highly modernized line for filling of natural spring water, mineral water and soft drinks, and a line for PET packaging production

The facility is designed and installed by international standards and norms, and the equipment used by the company comes from renowned manufacturers. The company has currently 9 employees and distribution and market placement is being performed by Lukas TP Nakic company. We meet the food safety management system standards according to ISO 22000-2005, to provide high-quality products to our valued customers.

The installed production capacity is about 100 million liters per year. As a part of the drive, there are three product lines:

1) Production line and bottle blowing, volumes: 0.25 l, 0,50 l, 1 l and 1.5 l.

2) Natural spring water bottling, volumes: 0.25l, 0.5l, 1l and 1,5l.

3) Natural spring water bottling of higher volumes: 5l and 18,9l.

Inside the drive there is a laboratory where the quality of our products gets checked on a daily basis.

All of the processes, from receiving, loading and production, to packaging and distribution
are in accordance with the international standard ISO 22 000-2005.

Products / assortment

Natural spring water is being bottled in PET bottles in the following volumes: 0.25 l packaging of 0.25 l x 15; 0.5l packaging 0,50l x 12; 1,50l packaging 1,50l x6; 5,00l packaging – palette 5,00l x 105; 18,9l placed on the water dispenser.

The 18,9l bottles are placed on the water dispenser and their technical accuracy and cleanliness is being precisely controled on a regular basis. The entire process of maintaining the very dispenser (checking, servicing and cleaning) is carried out within the company itself. All appliances that are running Leda must pass the cleaning and maintenance test every 90 days, in order to fully maintain the high quality of natural spring waters. We offer our customers the maintenance of these appliances free of charge.

Leda 0,25L


Leda 0,5L


Leda 1L


Leda 1,5L


Leda 5L


Leda 18,9L


From the top of the heights

Natural spring water – From the top of the heights

Little is known that Leda comes from the part of Herzegovina which is an oasis of unique spring waters.

It travels a long journey through the mountains before it reaches Borak spring for the bottling  process. Leda’s journey starts in central Bosnia, where a watershed between the Black Sea and the Adriatic basin is located under the large massif of the Vranica mountain. Most of these deep waters under mountain massifs move towards the Adriatic so the area of ​​western and northwestern Herzegovina is the place of its most frequent numerous springs.

A part of the mountain hydro complex, which the river Lištica is a part of, is probably the most impressive natural spring complex not only in our country, but in the whole neighbouring region as well. Shielding perhaps man’s most important and crucial resource, for the future preservation of human health – water.

The fact that Leda is bottled in this unique environment, where it surfaces ground and meets the human eye for the first time after hundreds of kilometers of wandering through the mountains, gives this product a reasonable and natural basis for introducing the market to such a rare boon.

During summer months, these springs were of the utmost importance for people and herds dwelling in the mountains Čvrsnica or Čabulja, hence the hydronyms such as Bare or Hajdučka Vrila have been preserved since ancient times.

Borak has held an important position in the history of manking in the area. Namely, numerous civilizations have left their traces here in different phases of human development. Maybe the most important ones are related to Illyrian who guarded these springs with their lives and built guard forts over them.

It was the importance of water source that caused for primitive dwellings built by the Illyrians Delmatians near the main spring in Borak to be demolished by the Romans. Finally, the Slavs, today known as Croats, built their fortress at the spot and named the spring source Borak, a name that, from the Old Slavic laguage translates to a meadow, meadow, plateau.

Leda truly comes from mountain peaks, some over two thousand meters in height, only to be directly bottled at her spring. On her way, Leda filters through layers of mountains collecting valuable minerals and other mineral ingredients. It is recommended to consume Leda cooled to 8 degrees celsius, the way mountain cools her in her natural environment.

Leda is the spirit and the fresh breath of the mountains, originating at mountain peaks. This is how we came up with our slogan „from the top of the heights“. Slogan mirrors excellence of the tops, and Leda is more than worthy to hold it.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina analysis was performed in the Public Health Institute HNK Mostar 03.10.2015. year. The sample has the properties of drinking water specified in the Ordinance on sanitary quality of drinking water published in the Official Gazette, No. 26/10.

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