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Leda kapljica

The gift from nature

A fraction of what the Earth has kept to herself in the clearest depths, is delivered to us in a form of a jewel of Herzegovina’s stone!

Leda check

Exceptional quality

Leda water is of exceptional quality, as evidenced by the numerous analyzes of relevant institutes, the water which ranks among the top-quality spring waters around by it’s characteristics, packed with minerals and biological properties which are great for health and improved vitality.

Leda srce

The solution against stress

Leda water is suitable for unlimited consumption for people of all ages, who want to get in touch with nature for a moment during their stressful everyday lifes and thereby restore the natural balance and maintain their health.

Leda notes

Analysis of safety

Calcium-hydrogencarbonate karst water, moderately hard, without aggressive ingredients, no radioactivity, no calories. Natural Spring Water Leda doesn’t contain any preservatives and we don’t take away or add anything while bottling. The level of sodium in it is very low, and it is good for consumption of all ages, even infants.
Contains 1L / contains [mg]: Calcium Ca2 + 68.94, 7.36 Magnesium Mg 2+, Na + 1.93 Sodium, Potassium K + 0.20 Bicarbonate HCO 3 – 196.42, Sulphate SO4 2- 34.43, Chloride Cl 8.00. Mineralization / Mineralisation 328.50 mg / l

Leda vozilo

Leda, Široki Brijeg is a joint stock company established in 2007 and it’s privately owned. The main activity is production of natural spring water and non-alcoholic beverages based on natural spring water. Leda Company is equipped with a highly modernized line for filling of natural spring water, mineral water and soft drinks, and a line for PET packaging production

The facility is designed and installed by international standards and norms, and the equipment used by the company comes from renowned manufacturers. The company has currently 9 employees and distribution and market placement is being performed by Lukas TP Nakic company. We meet the food safety management system standards according to ISO 22000-2005, to provide high-quality products to our valued customers.

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